Please note: We now and then add movies in 4K quality.
Because of the high storage costs on the server, these stay on the site for 1 week only.
When the sets rotate off to the Archives Store, the 4K version is available there again.
For the time being, most movies however will be 1080p, since we only recently started producing 4K movies.
    July 19, 2019     Lea & Danielle in the shower in jeans and shirts,
Lea with small brown boots, Danielle with sneakers.
They wash their (and each other's) hair with some shampoo.
At the end, they take their boots/sneakers and socks off.
    12:21 min. movie
(4K and 1080p MP4,
3,11 Gb / 1,14 Gb)
and 160 images

    July 16, 2019     Deborah & Shanna in a lake in pants and shirts, Deborah with small boots and socks, Shanna with heels.
At the end, they take their boots/heels off.
    10:16 min. movie
(4K and 1080p MP4,
2,72 Gb / 975 Mb)
and 141 images