April 18, 2014     Jennifer & Sheila in the shower:
Jennifer in a white shirt over a red top, black jeans and white boots,
Sheila in a white top, black skirt, pantyhose and shoes.
Near the end, Jennifer takes her shirt off, and finally they both take their shoes, and Jennifer also her socks off (only in the photoset).
    2:52 min. movie
(720p/1080p MP4, 151 Mb)

and 173 images

    April 15, 2014     Sylvia & Anna in a lake in jeans and boots:
Sylvia with a denim shirt over a tshirt, Anna with a black longsleeve.
At the end, they take their boots and socks off.
    13:43 min. movie
(720p/1080p MP4, 708 Mb)

and 2 series of images
(made simultaneously):
185 and 212 images

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