September 19, 2014     Diane & Rowan take a shower:
Diane in a blazer over a dress, leggings and boots,
Rowan in a dark blazer over a green top, jeans and sports shoes.
Near the end, Diane takes her blazer off, and finally they both take their shoes and socks off.
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    September 16, 2014     New girls Johanna & Nicky in the North Sea in blazers & pants,
Johanna with shoes and Nicky with boots.
In the second half, they take their blazers off, and  
at the end, they take their shoes off, showing their socks.

Nicky has been born without the lower half of her right arm, but this doesn't prevent her from doing everything she wants, including different kinds of sports.. and wetlook shoots!
    10:03 min. movie
(720p/1080p MP4, 520 Mb, 
unfortunately with a somewhat fogged lens in the second half)

and 2 series of images
(made simultaneously):
138 and 93 images

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