Please note: We now and then add movies in 4K quality.
Because of the high storage costs on the server, these stay on the site for 1 week only.
When the sets rotate off to the Archives Store, the 4K version is available there again.
For the time being, most movies however will be 1080p, since we only recently started producing 4K movies.
    November 16, 2018     Laura & Sarah take a shower:
Laura in a grey skirt, a cardigan over a white shirt, pantyhose and boots,
Sarah in jeans, a shirt and boots.
In the second half, Laura takes her cardigan off, and at the end, they both take their boots (and Sarah also her socks) off.
    10:00 min. movie
(1080p MP4, 662 Mb)

and 203 images

    November 13, 2018     Deborah in a lake in a black skirt, white tshirt, pantyhose and boots.
At the end, she takes her boots off (only in the movie).
    10:31 min. movie
(4K and 1080p MP4,
2,01 Gb / 696 Mb)

and 162 images